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Antoni Porowski aka 'Eva Cado' & Miz Cracker Make the Perfect Pride Sandwich | them.

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Добавлено by anliman В Закуски
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Antoni Porowski aka Eva Cado and her drag mom Miz Cracker sashay into the kitchen to prepare a savory snack perfect for pre-World Pride celebrations, which this year will be held in NYC. Paying homage to Cracker's Jewish heritage, Eva shows you how to assemble a pride snack with chicken liver, onions and egg, the perfect Pride treat that won't knock you into a carb coma. Can Eva get through her sandwich without messing up her lip? Watch the full video above now.

You can check out Antoni on Queer Eye now streaming on Netflix and soon you can pick up Antoni's cookbook 'Antoni in the Kitchen' which is out September 9.

Missed Antoni's Drag moment? You can check out his full transformation here: https://youtu.be/tUw1Q2NP9As

Director/Supervising Producer: Christopher Klimovski
Editor: Daniel Poler
DP: Cole Evelev
Cam Op / Audio: Zach Eisen
Cam Op: Josh Herzog
Stylist: Jillian Papa
PA: Kat Scott

Antoni Porowski (aka "Eva Cado") and Miz Cracker Make the Perfect Pride Sandwich | them.

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